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Project Management using ProjeX

Welcome to the home page for ProjeX, a Gantt chart tool for Excel. Take a look at What's New in our web site.

  What is ProjeX?

Why buy ProjeX?

How to buy ProjeX

ProjeXTM is an Excel add-in that replaces some of the functionality of Microsoft ProjectTM when tracking projects using Gantt charts. The user does not need to spend hundreds of dollars on a piece of complex software when ProjeX can quickly and simply track progress using Gantt charts and Excel’s standard functionality.

As an Excel add-in ProjeX requires very little extra disk space (unlike Microsoft Project) and does not require the user to learn yet another software package. All Gantt sheets are generated from Excel sheets and produced as either Excel sheets or charts. This gives the user all the power and flexibility of Excel without the training overheads of battling with Project.

Want to see how easy it is to produce an example Gantt chart using ProjeX?

Dependencies between tasks can be set up and the critical path calculated. As an addition to critical path analysis PERT analysis has been added.

Critical Path Analysis & PERT analysis
Having set dependencies between tasks, the critical path for the project can be calculated, here the critical tasks are displayed in red.

ProjeX now handles resource management and can be used to generate plots of resource utilization as well as cost analysis of the project and individual tasks.

Resource Management   Cost Analysis
The percentage allocation of individual resources can be tracked and plotted to avoid over-stretching available resources.   The cost of the project or individual tasks can be tracked with time. These costs can also be displayed on the ProjeX sheet.

It has been requested we provide a series of worked examples showing how ProjeX can be used to plan and track projects, these can be found on the example page.

Have an old (full) version of ProjeX ? Upgrading to the latest version is now simple - this is not for users of the Freeware version. If you are using the freeware version and want to purchase the full version please follow this link.

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