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What's new with ProjeX ?

The following is a list of recent additions to our web. New releases and updates will regularly appear here with older releases and details being regularly deleted. The most recent changes are listed first, and each item is linked to the page with the updated content.

August 23rd

August 4th, 2004

  • Due to the unreliable nature of the service Tripod provides and the intrusive nature of the pop-up advertising ProjeX now points at for all the help pages ProjeX requires.
  • A long-overdue update to the website has now begun, you should notice improvements in the examples and ease of navigation. If you have problems or further suggestions please let up know.
  • A problem with overdue tasks not being colored correctly when generating snapshots with the weekly axis has been fixed.
  • A problem with deleting ProjeX sheets using the toolbar option has been fixed.
  • A problem allocating resources when the ProjeX workbook contains more than one project was fixed.

June 2nd, 2004

  • Task dependencies can now be listed next to the task descriptions (this option was added because some users find the arrows drawn between task bars messy if there are too many dependencies).
  • Task priorities can also now be listed beside the task (the priorities are set using the right mouse but and selecting the 'Task definition' option.
  • The code used to add blank columns to the ProjeX plan has been improved and a number of minor bugs fixed.

March 14th, 2004

  • Dependencies can now be shown on the Gantt chart by arrows joining task bars.
  • Tasks can now be inserted and deleted with a number of options to automatically set their dependencies relative to the surrounding tasks.

February 16th, 2004

  • Vacation days can now be specified and excluded from task bars in a similar way to weekends.
  • A macro is now available so the user can generate Gantt charts from columns of information in Excel without any dialog boxes popping up. This can be included into the user's own code.
  • The annotation of the Gantt bars has been improved so resources, teams and even information from a user defined column can now be plotted to the right of the bars.
  • The color coding of task bars has been improved so, using the task definition dialog, the bars can be colored to show the resource or team that is allocated to them.
  • An option has been added to reset the links between project workbooks and the resource file if either is renamed or moved. A problem was also occurring on occasion with the links is tasks were inserted or deleted, this has been corrected.

November 3rd, 2003

  • The task properties dialog has been upgraded to give far more flexibility to task manipulations. Dependencies can now be set and manipulated there with tasks being inserted between others.
  • The indentation of tasks can now be used by ProjeX to automatically generate groups and sub-groups (example ...).
  • Groups are now recognized as a definition so the multipart and overview groups can be automatically generated by ProjeX if defined.
  • The importing of data from MS Project has been improved so the tasks are displayed in the same order as MS Project and their dependencies set correctly. Any attached notes and indentations are also imported.
  • Resources can now be arranged in 'teams' . This means how busy a team is can be plotted with a breakdown of the individual resources.
  • The logic behind the pointer values has been improved so that now all tasks and groups are assigned a unique pointer number so they can be identified. If somehow a duplicate number is encountered ProjeX will not reset this rather than stopping.
  • Previously ProjeX has been very sensitive to the user adding (or removing) columns/rows manually. If rows/columns are added removed without using 'Display Properties', a dialog now appears so the user can reset the location of the sheet and ProjeX can relocate itself!
  • Problems were sometimes occurring when sheets were renamed or deleted. Three options have now been added to add, rename and delete sheets.


August 20th, 2003 (97.1.7)

  • Standard weeks can now be labeled on the time axis of the Gantt chart.
  • Tasks and milestones can now be indented to make them stand out from group titles.
  • Task can now be numbered sequentially within groups.
  • The cost analysis code has been upgraded so tasks can now be assigned a cost. When generating the cost tables the user can select whether to calculate costs based on resources, tasks or both.
  • Options have been added for the user to import and export ProjeX sheets to or from other Excel workbooks keeping all the task parameters and dependencies.

May 27th, 2003 (97.1.0)

February 15th, 2003 (

  • Tasks can now have multi-parts - i.e. the Gantt bar does not have to be continuous.
  • A function has been added so that task durations can be specified in months (as well as days).
  • The restriction when setting group overviews that both ProjeX sheets had to have the same number of padded cells has been removed.

November 25th, 2002 (

  • Dependencies between tasks can now be set. This includes the functionality to let ProjeX automatically set the start dates of dependent tasks for plotting of the Gantt chart and critical path analysis.
  • Critical Path Analysis is now available.
  • The way ProjeX draws the Gantt chart has been improved (for all plot axes) so that part days can be plotted without rounding (this has also improved how charts look if they are cut and pasted to other applications).
  • The resource management options have been improved to make them more robust.
  • Error handling has been improved (for example if the user types in a task start date that is not understood by Excel, ProjeX now prompts for a new date).
  • The speed Gantt charts are plotted at has been improved.

August 31st, 2002 (

August 4th, 2002 (

  • The latest version now includes cost analysis functionality. Having costed resources and assigned them to tasks, plots and tables can be generated showing the cost of the project or task to date. This information can also be displayed on the ProjeX Gantt chart to show progress.

July 25th, 2002 (

  • The latest version now includes resource management. Resources can be allocated to specific tasks and then plot of resource usage generated using a variety of plotting styles.
  • The user can now specify the 'present' date used by ProjeX when calculating is a task is overdue or on track for the Gantt charts.
  • An extra option has been added to how ProjeX treats weekends when plotting Gantt charts.

March 17th, 2002 (

  • The latest version now lets the user automate the grouping of tasks in a single task. The start and end dates and the % completion are linked so the group overview remains consistent with the tasks. This is done using the right mouse button.
  • The support for German, Spanish and Italian has been improved so the default ProjeX text is generated in the required language automatically. If you are using a different language provide us with the text and we will update ProjeX to make it more convenient for you to use.
  • ProjeX can now have weekends that are more (or less) than two days.
  • ProjeX now detects if the time axis needs to needs to be changed when producing a Gantt chart and changes it automatically.

June 19th, 2001 (

  • The latest version now allows the user to set the start and end dates for the Gantt chart plot.
  • The user can define the colors used for the Gantt plot.
  • The installation of ProjeX has now been improved - there is a menu option to install and uninstall the software.
  • ProjeX now supports Turkish.
  • ProjeX now has project tracking functionality. The user takes a 'snapshot' of the project (perhaps after the initial project plan has been produced) and then a comparison plot can be generated at any time between this snapshot and the current status of the project.
  • The logic defining how a weekend is treated has been upgraded.
  • The user now has the ability to specify which days are the weekends - perhaps Friday and Saturday.
  • The Gantt chart can now handle tasks descriptions that have cells formatted for 'wrap text'.

March 21st, 2001

  • Version 97.0.7 now supports Danish, French and German.
  • Some users wanted to define their own formulae for defining task ends and durations. The latest version now allows the user complete flexibility ( the standard options are still there).
  • There is better support of different font types and sizes and improved support for languages other than English.
  • The user can now add additional columns in the task definition area for greater flexibility (this is limited to 2 columns in the Freeware version).
  • Tasks can now optionally be flagged (red) if they are falling behind schedule.
  • The ways weekends can be excluded from being included in tasks have been expanded, previously the duration of the task was always increased to allow for no work being done over the weekends, now the user can fix either the duration or the end date of the task

Previous improvements to ProjeX

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